Our Capabilities


Multitube has a state of the art, modern high speed Cutting Facility.

We can offer “Shear Cut”, “Nick and Shear” as well as “Saw Cut”.

All of our equipment can offer wire brushed ends and length tolerances maintained to +/-.010”.

Our Haven recut machine is equipped with an in-line length measuring station that individually checks the length of each piece produced, compares it to the preset limits and accepts or rejects cut parts automatically. This feature protects our customers from ever receiving a part that doesn’t meet their specifications.

Our saws offer the finest end cut quality available, this type of cut is critical for jobs that require proper fit of ends in the final assembled product.


Multitube has four high speed tube mills that have a combined capacity of 200 Million feet per year. Our mills are equipped with the latest in cutting, welding and Non Destructive Testing technology to ensure our customers receive the highest of quality.

Please click here to view our Size and Gauge chart in PDF format.


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